So I’ve realised money making is not easy. But I am loving writing this blog and it is really keeping me motivated even though I’m not doing very well. In theory I should if I was on target be at nearly £100 by now which I’m not unless anyone wants to give me some (hint hint)

I’ve done some more surveys today which will hopefully pay out soon. I think the main thing I’ve really learnt is that it’s a slow process and you have to be really lucky to become a millionaire overnight. I know for a fact I’m not that lucky, but lets hope I can at least be lucky enough to reach my target in the 5 years I want to.

For any of you that know me personally you know I love my crafts, and for any of you that don’t crafting is a huge passion of mine and I love it. I can quote happily sit there for hours making cards, or painting. I sell stuff at craft fairs with my nan and have done for a few years, my nan knits and she is very good. So I’m hoping that some of my crafty makes I sell I may be able to put that money towards the challenge.

Today’s Total – £0.32

Current Total – £16.41

Places to Visit

Tomorrow at Dereham Northgate High School is the monthly Indoor Farmer’s and Craft Market 10am – 3pm with Free Admission if you live near.

Please get in touch if you know somewhere great to visit whether an attraction or event, as I would love to feature them on my blog. Check out the you can join in too page to find out how to get in touch.