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Someone please kick me a kick and get me going seem to have lost all my motivation, I think it’s the fact that I’ve not actually made much money that I just feel a bit like I’m wasting my time, I’m trying to read some online forums, to get my mojo back, but could do with getting some money to see the total raise for it to come back.

I’ve found loads of new ideas, reading through my favourite forum, ‘Money Saving Expert’ has generated some fab tried and tested ideas, that have made other people money so lets hope they do me too. I don’t want to be one of these people who stick to one idea and use that to make all the money I personally think I would get bored, so I’m better off doing lots of little ones and adding them together. I’ve things I’m trying to sell online ending tomorrow so hopefully some will sell and I can make a few pennies on them. Got some fab crafty ideas I want to try using any of Amelie’s old clothes that don’t sell as well. Just wanted to do a quick update and get back to reading through hundreds more pages for hopefully loads of ideas to make hundred’s and find some Motivation.

Today’s Total – £0.11

Current Total – £16.99


How do you make money?

Do you have a job?

Do you make money from online sources?

There are so many different ways of making money the list is endless, whether its a full time job, part time job, running a business, self employed, freelance. Or just extra’s here and there. I think sometimes we don’t consider just how big the list of possibilities is, its probably a bonus for my challenge, but it’s also a case of finding which ones work and which ones don’t.

I’ve found out about selling photo’s today which sounds fab, I’m not an excellent photographer but it’s something I do enjoy and take a lot of photo’s. Admittedly in the last few months most are of Amelie, so I won’t be selling them, but it is certainly something I would like to have a go out so I will be taking some pictures over the next few weeks and trying to sell some, if any of you want some more info, contact me. I’m still busy doing surveys and they are becoming a bit more frequent, I think the companies pick up on how often you do them so know how many to offer you, if you only bother once a month for an hour then why offer you surveys every day that will take hour to do, but I check most of the sites daily and quite often get surveys that take about 10 minutes. It’s fab, and I do love giving my opinion, especially on every day things that matter.

I’ve also been reading a website about people who have traded up, these days thinks its done for charity a lot, but a few people still do it to make money. For example a man started with a paper clip and traded up to get a house. I personally thought this was incredible, I’ve got a paper clip if anyone wants to trade for a house. It’s a very interesting challenge and would love to know if anyone could do it these days, maybe I should start some and see what I could get. Do you know what I’m going to try it. So I’m going to start with 3 items and hope to trade them all up to get something better. If you want to join in my trade up please get in touch and you will get mentioned on the blog. My 3 items are

  1. Paper Clip
  2. Button
  3. Hair Bobble

I’m not sure I will quite get a house but it’s worth seeing what I could get.

Right time to try and make some money and try and persuade people to trade with me.  ‘Pennies make pounds’ IT’S TRUE they do 100 do in fact make a pound, I know that’s obvious but if I was to add 1p to the target every day for the next 5 years I would have £18.25. Not a huge amount but double that and double it again and I’d be on my way. I’m not expecting it to be easy I know that just got to persevere. OOO Martin Lewis money show is on, a definite watch I say.


So I started writing yesterday and only really had a sentence to record so decided I’d just extend today’s. I haven’t done much money making as such, I’ve been busy decluttering and added lots to the pile of tuff to sell, so I really need to get moving on that side of it. There are so many ways of making money I just need to get on with it.

I’m still busy doing surveys, and am now waiting for a cheque to arrive from one of them which will help with the total.

If i’m honest that is all I have to say I have done, someone give me some motivation again. But just for you lovely readers some Top Tips for money saving


If you have a strong colour of paint left over you can add white paint to it and it’ll give you a new pastel shade, enough to decorate another room. White paint can be a lot cheaper than coloured paint.


You can re use almost anything so make sure you think before you throw away

Hi all, ok so I’m slacking and haven’t done very well the last couple of days, on the one hand I’ve been ill, but also I just don’t seem to have the motivation the last couple of days. But logged on today and been invited to do a product trial so feeling a bit more motivated, so I have vowed to try and give myself a kick up at the bum and make some money.

I think all of you and myself have realised this is not easy and I am a million miles away from where is should be if I was on target, I always knew it was a tricky challenge. But it’s to early to give up yet and I’m hoping too get going more in then next few weeks. Now to start working through my list of ideas and hope to see the money rolling in

I’d love to hear any more ideas if any of you have them.

Today’s Total – £0.01

Savings Total – £1.00

Current Total – £16.88

Today has been a good day signed up to 2 new survey site, and been busy doing surveys on the ones I’m already with. Very nearly at the payment for one of them so hopefully have a reasonable sum to add soon, fingers crossed. I feel like I’ve done a lot of the leg work, so lets hope I start to see some of the rewards very soon.

Been doing some decluttering so have found some more to sell online, so lets hope some of them sell soon.  If I’m honest I feel a little deflated, when I look at my total and see that it’s really not that high, it makes me wonder how long its really going to take. I am very grateful for some of the lovely emails and lovely comments they are making me feel motivated. I knew this was never going to be an easy task, but I was hoping that my total will have been at least double what it is now. I’ve been reading through a challenge on one of my favourite web forums, the challenge was from 2012 and the task was to make £2012 in 2012. There are some great ideas and tips, but it’s amazing how quick some of them got to the total but also a lot that are like me and struggling at the beginning but 75% of people who did the challenge made the total and I think about 40% made over the total, with some doubling it and more.

It’s given me some great ideas and I’m looking forward to trying them out. I am a lover of writing lists, so have enjoyed reading through and making a list of all the thing I want to try, now time to sit and work through the list. I look forward to sharing loads of them with you. I have been busy contacting the companies to see if I can share them with you, I hope you understand that I don’t want to jeopardise my accounts with them by sharing them if I’m not allowed.  But if anyone wants to join some survey sites then send me an email on and I will refer you to some. Please remember I’m always up for new ideas and suggestions so please get in touch.


Been a fairly successful day, have listed lots of things online so hopefully they sell and make me some money. Emptied my purse from loose change though today so have added 46p to the total, EVERY LITTLE HELPS as the saying goes. I am very behind on where I should be by now, my total should probably be over £200 or something like that but I’m hoping all the hard work may pay out and I make larger sums some days, which will then add up. A lot of the sites I use only pay when you get to a certain amount, whether its £10 or £50, so they may be larger figures when they begin to pay out.I’m trying to do surveys every day, and hoping to do some mystery shops soon, but obviously can’t tell you anymore on that. I’m also making sure I go through a cashback site when buying online.

Found a new site as well today where you get paid in pints to do tasks, which you can change into vouchers, which sounds like great fun, and ive also entered lots of new competitions. So please keep your fingers crossed for success. And remember I would love to hear from you all so please get in touch. I’ve had some great friends suggest lots of new things to me so keep them coming.


Bought some food for Amelie today and used some coupons so managed to save £1 there so that can kick start my saving’s total,


Today’s Total – £0.46

Saving’s Total – £1.00

Current Total – £16.87

I can’t believe were half way through April already, this year is going so quickly. Maybe it’s a case of time flies when your having fun, although I’m not sure I’m having that much fun some days. But I have to say I’m enjoying this challenge, it’s interesting seeing all the various ways that can be used to make money.

I have decided today to sign up to a direct selling company so hopefully I can possibly make some money from that, I think with the direct selling companies it’s all about working hard, getting your name known and just selling, selling, selling. It’s one of those things you can put as much time as you can in, whether doing parties, selling door to door or other ways. I’m going to give all a try and just hope I can make some money. I’ve also done some more surveys today and am half way to the payment threshold on one of the sites, and that’s in just a week so I can hopefully get a pay out from them at the end of the month.

Been reading through my favourite online forum today for some more ideas, and have made a list of things to look into more or try, so that is this weeks job. There are so many different methods, I think it’s all about finding the right ones for me and using the ones that will make me a large amount of money even if it take times. I’m also hoping I might be able to add a bit of money to the pot as well over the next few days, lets just hope for a good money making week.

So I got asked today by a reader if I was mad, and I did have to wonder if I was a bit mad, but I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that I may be mad but I’m determined. I personally think that the madness may come in handy and may even help with the challenge. I haven’t done anything for the challenge yet today but I wanted to introduce a new daily feature to my blog which is Company of the day where I feature a company I love and possibly even review one of their products

Company of the Day

Today’s company of the day is CheekyCreatures whose items are all made to order and specifically designed to what you as the customer wants. Emma is a very clever and talented lady, and has a great passion for her craft.
She recently made me this canvas


I wanted something for Amelie that also featured something from my favourite Disney film. I think it is absolutely fabulous, it is finished with such details and exactly as requested. Her customer service is great and exactly what you want from a crafter and so much more and I will recommend her to you all and many more people to come.

Check out her website for more

After watching TV today I found out the average person spends £3,322 a year on recreational activities. I have to admit I was shocked by that figure, with so many things you can do for free why do we spend so much. But then the trend for offers and discounts including things like 2 for 1 are growing so much that people think they are getting a great bargain, which don’t get me wrong they are but they save money so think ok well go out again because we have spare money where as in the past they may have only gone out once. Don’t any tourist attractions think I’m trying to put people off or tell you to stop the discounts because I’m not. I love discounts! It’s more of a case of we need to make sure we asses can we really afford that before doing something. I would love to know your favourite places to visit either free or paying. One of my favourites is the Places to Visit today.

I’ve had a fairly productive day on the money front, not made any particularly but I’ve joined 2 new websites, one’s for mystery shopping and the other’s for product trials. So thank you Anne and David for recommending them to me.

Just a short one today as I’ve had a busy day but hopefully I will have more to report tomorrow as well as the first SUNDAY FUNDAY weekly feature

Places to Visit

One of my favourite places is along the sea front in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and that is Merrivale Model Village. I absolutely love it, it’s so unique and different and they always have new additions every year, they also have a very quirky little crazy golf type thing. I have been a few times and would recommend it to anyone.


So I’ve realised money making is not easy. But I am loving writing this blog and it is really keeping me motivated even though I’m not doing very well. In theory I should if I was on target be at nearly £100 by now which I’m not unless anyone wants to give me some (hint hint)

I’ve done some more surveys today which will hopefully pay out soon. I think the main thing I’ve really learnt is that it’s a slow process and you have to be really lucky to become a millionaire overnight. I know for a fact I’m not that lucky, but lets hope I can at least be lucky enough to reach my target in the 5 years I want to.

For any of you that know me personally you know I love my crafts, and for any of you that don’t crafting is a huge passion of mine and I love it. I can quote happily sit there for hours making cards, or painting. I sell stuff at craft fairs with my nan and have done for a few years, my nan knits and she is very good. So I’m hoping that some of my crafty makes I sell I may be able to put that money towards the challenge.

Today’s Total – £0.32

Current Total – £16.41

Places to Visit

Tomorrow at Dereham Northgate High School is the monthly Indoor Farmer’s and Craft Market 10am – 3pm with Free Admission if you live near.

Please get in touch if you know somewhere great to visit whether an attraction or event, as I would love to feature them on my blog. Check out the you can join in too page to find out how to get in touch.