So I got asked today by a reader if I was mad, and I did have to wonder if I was a bit mad, but I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that I may be mad but I’m determined. I personally think that the madness may come in handy and may even help with the challenge. I haven’t done anything for the challenge yet today but I wanted to introduce a new daily feature to my blog which is Company of the day where I feature a company I love and possibly even review one of their products

Company of the Day

Today’s company of the day is CheekyCreatures whose items are all made to order and specifically designed to what you as the customer wants. Emma is a very clever and talented lady, and has a great passion for her craft.
She recently made me this canvas


I wanted something for Amelie that also featured something from my favourite Disney film. I think it is absolutely fabulous, it is finished with such details and exactly as requested. Her customer service is great and exactly what you want from a crafter and so much more and I will recommend her to you all and many more people to come.

Check out her website for more