How do you make money for all your little extra’s?

It’s so natural for us to love treats and luxuries, but there’s so many of us that just can’t afford them very often. Yes the economy is a mess but I’m not going to turn my blog into a big moan about that. I just think sometimes we use credit cards, and get ourselves in debt unnecessarily. I am not having a go at anyone so please don’t think that but luxuries are luxuries aren’t they and to me you save for a luxury. I know a number of people who sell there unwanted stuff to pay for a holiday or there luxuries.

So who wants a treat or a luxury at the minute, do you want some new clothes, to go on a holiday, or to have the latest gadget. But who actual has the money to pay for it?. Your lucky if you do, and if you fancy sharing then send some my way. But for those of you who don’t why don’t you follow some of my techniques from the blog to set yourself a mini challenge to make the money for what you want. If you need some more advice then drop me an email, and I will do my best to help.

Your also all in luck because I have a competition starting tomorrow, there will be a different one regularly. I hope to do them weekly eventually but I am not sure how common they will be to begin with.


Today’s Total – £0.18

Current Total – £24.46


Company of the Day

Today is Cow and Gate.

If I’m honest until I had Amelie, I didn’t really have a clue about baby products, but I signed up to a number of baby clubs and cow and gate was one of them. They have sent me food samples, magazines about stages of growth and coupons. I was really impressed and the value for money and quality of the products is fabulous. I as a single mum don’t have a lot of money, so the coupons for food for Amelie has really helped me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is having kids.

HouseProud Daily Task

Today I want you to take 10 minutes to go through all your cosmetics and get rid of any you haven’t used for 12 months, and be ruthless don’t keep it if you won’t use it. I know some of us have brand new things we have bought but will no longer use, so either sell them or donate to a charity shop. (OR DONATE TO ME lol)