So What’s in your Handbag?

MoneySupermarket are running a competition at the minute to find out what is in our handbags? Sorry men but you could use your manbags?

I guess it’s now time to reveal a few secrets, cause this may not be quite what you expect to have in a handbag.


My gorgeous Cath Kidston Handbag that I have been wanting for ages, that I got for my 21st birthday in May. That cost my parents £50.

The contents of my handbag however though some may find bizarre, or some may find normal.


  • Baby Wipes – (worth £0.50)
  • Keys
  • Biscotti Apple Biscuits (worth £1.10)
  • Ibruprofen (worth £0.33)
  • Compact Mirror (was a gift so unsure of price)
  • Weight Watchers Sweets (worth £0.60)
  • Cath Kidston hand Cream (was a gift so unsure of price)
  • Notepad and pen (was a gift so unsure of price)
  • Camera (not in photo as was using but worth £35)
  • Tissues (worth £0.20)
  • Lip Gloss (worth £2.50)
  • Hand Cleansing Gel (worth £1.99)
  • Body Spray (worth £0.90)
  • Hairbrush (worth £1.25)

So my main contents are worth £44.37

But then there’s my purse. I have about £7 in cash so not a lot, but i do have about £15 worth of coupons which is great and abook of 7 2nd class stamps.

So all in all my handbag is worth about £120, which actually shocked me