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So What’s in your Handbag?

MoneySupermarket are running a competition at the minute to find out what is in our handbags? Sorry men but you could use your manbags?

I guess it’s now time to reveal a few secrets, cause this may not be quite what you expect to have in a handbag.


My gorgeous Cath Kidston Handbag that I have been wanting for ages, that I got for my 21st birthday in May. That cost my parents £50.

The contents of my handbag however though some may find bizarre, or some may find normal.


  • Baby Wipes – (worth £0.50)
  • Keys
  • Biscotti Apple Biscuits (worth £1.10)
  • Ibruprofen (worth £0.33)
  • Compact Mirror (was a gift so unsure of price)
  • Weight Watchers Sweets (worth £0.60)
  • Cath Kidston hand Cream (was a gift so unsure of price)
  • Notepad and pen (was a gift so unsure of price)
  • Camera (not in photo as was using but worth £35)
  • Tissues (worth £0.20)
  • Lip Gloss (worth £2.50)
  • Hand Cleansing Gel (worth £1.99)
  • Body Spray (worth £0.90)
  • Hairbrush (worth £1.25)

So my main contents are worth £44.37

But then there’s my purse. I have about £7 in cash so not a lot, but i do have about £15 worth of coupons which is great and abook of 7 2nd class stamps.

So all in all my handbag is worth about £120, which actually shocked me


As you all probably know I love freebies, and I have always wondered how people get so many. But I have recently found out that most freebies are given away in the hope that you might go and buy a full size version, or even just to advertise the brand. I guess it’s all about finding them, I love it when I find some, and love it even more when they pop through my letter box. If you would like some advice on freebies then feel free to email me, or you can wait and watch my video about free things, that I’m now going to record.

Today’s Top Tip

From Sarah is to think twice before you buy

So how many of you are into ‘roadkill’ as in money you find on the ground, it’s a great way to add a few pennies to anyone’s total. I love it and its probably been my biggest earner so far with the challenge. Not really much to report today, I have been busy entering competitions and doing a few jobs in my room,and watching a bit too much TV. I’ve got a bit of  new thing for storage wars where people but abandoned storage lockers at an auction and see if they make lots of money on the items. It really fascinates me.

Angela’s Top Tip – Make Bread at home. It’s tastier and cheaper than a good shop brought loaf.


Today’s Letterbox Treats

So not a massive haul today but I did get 2 Ella’s Kitchen pouches from a survey company for Amelie to try. Which will be good.

Company of the day

Today is a friend of mine ‘Zo Bee Jewellery’

Her items are absolutely fab. She made me my bracelet and earrings which I wore for my 21st birthday they were a lovely Cadbury purple colour. She’s based in Dereham, Norfolk and attends a number of local craft fairs and events in the area with her items, check out her stuff on facebook her page is


Am very excited to announce our first competition, I hope you all enter.

Up for grabs is a lovely little bundle of goodies.

Which includes:

Maybelline ‘Pink Boom’ Nail Varnish

Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner 50ml

Garlic Peeler

I’ll upload a picture tomorrow

To Enter find the giveaway tab on my facebook page. –

Terms and Conditions

Open to UK residents aged 18 and over.

No purchase is necessary. The Rafflecopter widget above will accept entries from Now until the close of the competition on Wednesday 19th June 2013. Any entries outside of the Promotion Period will not be counted.

The winner will be chosen randomly by amelieandmummy using the Rafflecopter widget (which uses The winner will be announced on Thursday 20th June

The winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 7 days or else another winner will be drawn.

Entrants must have a valid UK address. Bulk, third party or any entrants using automated software will be disqualified.

The prize is not transferable, re-saleable or exchangeable. There is no cash alternative.

No reader/follower details will be shared with any third party without consent.

I reserves the right to amend, alter or terminate this promotion at any time due to circumstances beyond its control.

These rules are governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

How do you make money for all your little extra’s?

It’s so natural for us to love treats and luxuries, but there’s so many of us that just can’t afford them very often. Yes the economy is a mess but I’m not going to turn my blog into a big moan about that. I just think sometimes we use credit cards, and get ourselves in debt unnecessarily. I am not having a go at anyone so please don’t think that but luxuries are luxuries aren’t they and to me you save for a luxury. I know a number of people who sell there unwanted stuff to pay for a holiday or there luxuries.

So who wants a treat or a luxury at the minute, do you want some new clothes, to go on a holiday, or to have the latest gadget. But who actual has the money to pay for it?. Your lucky if you do, and if you fancy sharing then send some my way. But for those of you who don’t why don’t you follow some of my techniques from the blog to set yourself a mini challenge to make the money for what you want. If you need some more advice then drop me an email, and I will do my best to help.

Your also all in luck because I have a competition starting tomorrow, there will be a different one regularly. I hope to do them weekly eventually but I am not sure how common they will be to begin with.


Today’s Total – £0.18

Current Total – £24.46


Company of the Day

Today is Cow and Gate.

If I’m honest until I had Amelie, I didn’t really have a clue about baby products, but I signed up to a number of baby clubs and cow and gate was one of them. They have sent me food samples, magazines about stages of growth and coupons. I was really impressed and the value for money and quality of the products is fabulous. I as a single mum don’t have a lot of money, so the coupons for food for Amelie has really helped me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is having kids.

HouseProud Daily Task

Today I want you to take 10 minutes to go through all your cosmetics and get rid of any you haven’t used for 12 months, and be ruthless don’t keep it if you won’t use it. I know some of us have brand new things we have bought but will no longer use, so either sell them or donate to a charity shop. (OR DONATE TO ME lol)


‘Do not let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do’

Woop! So I am now just over 2 months into my challenge, and I am really enjoying it. I love seeing the money roll in even if it is slow. I’ve got a small amount of loose change to add but not really that much I haven’t done an awful lot recently. Although I have entered over 200 competitions this weekend and hopefully will do a few more this week, hopefully I will win something. I am very lucky to have found so many and all listed in one place, it makes it easier to enter loads all at once. And yes I know the odds of winning are low but do you know what I enjoy and even a small chance is worth a go.

I’ve also been answering a few surveys as well so am getting nearer to some payment thresholds on them which I am very excited about. I wanted to have a much higher target and to be on track I should have had one by now but it doesn’t seem that way so I just need to hope I will make a larger sum soon to get me back on track a bit but I’ll see.


Today’s Total – £1.56

Current Total – £24.28

Today’s Letterbox Treats


Ok so you all know Amelie is 6 months and this a fab one for us. I won these in a facebook instant win competition, there are 2 tommee tippee sippy cups which I believe are about £4 each, so I was really pleased with this won and was very pleased when they cam, and also to get some more coupons in the magazine that came with it.

Company of the Day

Today is Crate Blanche, the creators of me to you, and my blue nosed friends. I have loved there products for years and always admire there designs. I would highly recommend them to anyone, an by anyone I really mean anyone they do such a wide range of products, for men, women, children. Just about everyone. I have number of there figurines, plush and most recently the tatty teddy toys which I have been buying for Amelie when she gets bigger.

Check out there me to you website to see what I mean –

HouseProud Daily Task

Go through all your stationary and get rid of any pens, glue sticks, highlighters that don’t work. And make a list of any new things you may need to purchase to replace them. But check you can’t get any free online before buying them.

So I have had a slightly busy bank holiday weekend and not actually made any money. OOOPPS

But I have actually managed to get some freebies and some bargains. The first photo was my freebies I have had over the last couple of days.

The second picture is the exciting one. I got all of that for just £2.88 and managing to save £6.12, which I am very pleased about and a bargain I reckon.

, IMG_4271 IMG_4274

Ok so my blogging didn’t quite happen. I have been busy trying to make some money though.

I’m also going to admit i’m a little sad, when I went to weight watchers yesterday, I got some coupons in my weekly magazine they give us for free, and I got very excited. sad or what lol. So in my purse I have £32.65 worth of coupons at the minute, just no actual cash 🙂 I feel like i’m becoming the coupon queen, I want more. I know i’m not as  bad as a lot of people or as bad as those in America, but then I am very jealous, because we could never use them in the same way they do in America. Watching the programme Extreme Couponing programme where some of them have a shopping trip worth $1000 and get it for bout $5, it’s amazing but the time and effort they must put in some of them spend all day in the supermarket. I’ll take a picture of my stack tomorrow.

So not really much to report, will try to tell you more tomorrow



Today’s Total – £0.50

Current Total – £22.72

So I’ve been a very busy mummy, not very much with my money making but it was my 21st birthday on Friday and I have been celebrating. I love doing this challenge but life just seems to get in the way. I spent this morning getting applying for some freebies and some more coupons, I found a page on facebook called extreme couponing UK which I am very excited about and I really hope to save as much money as I can.

I have counted up some of my loose change and re- done my total, because it’s been over the last week or so I won’t do a daily total, I’ll just up date my grand total. I am hoping I can get back to blogging every day now, I’d love to keep you all up to date with what I’m doing, and hopefully you can get some tips too. I’ve been busy researching some new websites today, including some survey sites, which i’m hoping will make me some pennies. I really need to work harder, if any one would like to join me or help me please get in touch I would love to hear from you.

Current Total – £22.22


Today’s Letterbox Treats


I got some great post today, The first was a sample of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, which I can’t wait to try.

The second I am very excited about, I have been a BzzAgent for a bout a month now and this is the 3rd campaign I have been part of. I have been sent the new Veet Easywax electrical roll-on kit to try which is very exciting, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it once I’ve given it a good try.

Company of the day

My first BzzAgent Campaign was to try the Nescafe Azera range, I got sent some of the coffee and cappuccino to try, my dad really enjoyed the cappuccino and my mum knicked the coffee. My mum has always been a fairly fussy coffee drinker and she really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend it to all of you.

So you would of thought I would be telling you a huge sum that I have made after not posting for so many days but unfortunately not. I’ve not really done much to be honest, I’ve had a really busy few days and not done much on the money making side of things.

I’ve got lots of new ideas, and I can’t wait to get started on them. I have sold a few bits online but won’t add them to the total until I work out fees and probably until the money hits my account. I’ve been going nearly a month with the challenge now and my total is no where near as high as I would of wanted it to be, but there is a total which I personally think is the most important thing.

Best I get myself in gear and make some money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s Total – £0.57

Savings Total – £1.00

Current Total – £17.56


Today’s Letterbox Treats

I am very excited about my parcel I received from BzzAgent. I got some new Nescafe Azera Coffee and Cappuccino to taste. Will feature them more in my company of the day soon to tell you more what it is all like.