‘Do not let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do’

Woop! So I am now just over 2 months into my challenge, and I am really enjoying it. I love seeing the money roll in even if it is slow. I’ve got a small amount of loose change to add but not really that much I haven’t done an awful lot recently. Although I have entered over 200 competitions this weekend and hopefully will do a few more this week, hopefully I will win something. I am very lucky to have found so many and all listed in one place, it makes it easier to enter loads all at once. And yes I know the odds of winning are low but do you know what I enjoy and even a small chance is worth a go.

I’ve also been answering a few surveys as well so am getting nearer to some payment thresholds on them which I am very excited about. I wanted to have a much higher target and to be on track I should have had one by now but it doesn’t seem that way so I just need to hope I will make a larger sum soon to get me back on track a bit but I’ll see.


Today’s Total – £1.56

Current Total – £24.28

Today’s Letterbox Treats


Ok so you all know Amelie is 6 months and this a fab one for us. I won these in a facebook instant win competition, there are 2 tommee tippee sippy cups which I believe are about £4 each, so I was really pleased with this won and was very pleased when they cam, and also to get some more coupons in the magazine that came with it.

Company of the Day

Today is Crate Blanche, the creators of me to you, and my blue nosed friends. I have loved there products for years and always admire there designs. I would highly recommend them to anyone, an by anyone I really mean anyone they do such a wide range of products, for men, women, children. Just about everyone. I have number of there figurines, plush and most recently the tatty teddy toys which I have been buying for Amelie when she gets bigger.

Check out there me to you website to see what I mean – http://carteblanchegreetings.com/metoyou/?utm_expid=30350471-4

HouseProud Daily Task

Go through all your stationary and get rid of any pens, glue sticks, highlighters that don’t work. And make a list of any new things you may need to purchase to replace them. But check you can’t get any free online before buying them.