Ok so my blogging didn’t quite happen. I have been busy trying to make some money though.

I’m also going to admit i’m a little sad, when I went to weight watchers yesterday, I got some coupons in my weekly magazine they give us for free, and I got very excited. sad or what lol. So in my purse I have £32.65 worth of coupons at the minute, just no actual cash 🙂 I feel like i’m becoming the coupon queen, I want more. I know i’m not as  bad as a lot of people or as bad as those in America, but then I am very jealous, because we could never use them in the same way they do in America. Watching the programme Extreme Couponing programme where some of them have a shopping trip worth $1000 and get it for bout $5, it’s amazing but the time and effort they must put in some of them spend all day in the supermarket. I’ll take a picture of my stack tomorrow.

So not really much to report, will try to tell you more tomorrow



Today’s Total – £0.50

Current Total – £22.72