How do you make money?

Do you have a job?

Do you make money from online sources?

There are so many different ways of making money the list is endless, whether its a full time job, part time job, running a business, self employed, freelance. Or just extra’s here and there. I think sometimes we don’t consider just how big the list of possibilities is, its probably a bonus for my challenge, but it’s also a case of finding which ones work and which ones don’t.

I’ve found out about selling photo’s today which sounds fab, I’m not an excellent photographer but it’s something I do enjoy and take a lot of photo’s. Admittedly in the last few months most are of Amelie, so I won’t be selling them, but it is certainly something I would like to have a go out so I will be taking some pictures over the next few weeks and trying to sell some, if any of you want some more info, contact me. I’m still busy doing surveys and they are becoming a bit more frequent, I think the companies pick up on how often you do them so know how many to offer you, if you only bother once a month for an hour then why offer you surveys every day that will take hour to do, but I check most of the sites daily and quite often get surveys that take about 10 minutes. It’s fab, and I do love giving my opinion, especially on every day things that matter.

I’ve also been reading a website about people who have traded up, these days thinks its done for charity a lot, but a few people still do it to make money. For example a man started with a paper clip and traded up to get a house. I personally thought this was incredible, I’ve got a paper clip if anyone wants to trade for a house. It’s a very interesting challenge and would love to know if anyone could do it these days, maybe I should start some and see what I could get. Do you know what I’m going to try it. So I’m going to start with 3 items and hope to trade them all up to get something better. If you want to join in my trade up please get in touch and you will get mentioned on the blog. My 3 items are

  1. Paper Clip
  2. Button
  3. Hair Bobble

I’m not sure I will quite get a house but it’s worth seeing what I could get.

Right time to try and make some money and try and persuade people to trade with me.  ‘Pennies make pounds’ IT’S TRUE they do 100 do in fact make a pound, I know that’s obvious but if I was to add 1p to the target every day for the next 5 years I would have £18.25. Not a huge amount but double that and double it again and I’d be on my way. I’m not expecting it to be easy I know that just got to persevere. OOO Martin Lewis money show is on, a definite watch I say.