So I started writing yesterday and only really had a sentence to record so decided I’d just extend today’s. I haven’t done much money making as such, I’ve been busy decluttering and added lots to the pile of tuff to sell, so I really need to get moving on that side of it. There are so many ways of making money I just need to get on with it.

I’m still busy doing surveys, and am now waiting for a cheque to arrive from one of them which will help with the total.

If i’m honest that is all I have to say I have done, someone give me some motivation again. But just for you lovely readers some Top Tips for money saving


If you have a strong colour of paint left over you can add white paint to it and it’ll give you a new pastel shade, enough to decorate another room. White paint can be a lot cheaper than coloured paint.


You can re use almost anything so make sure you think before you throw away