Hi all, ok so I’m slacking and haven’t done very well the last couple of days, on the one hand I’ve been ill, but also I just don’t seem to have the motivation the last couple of days. But logged on today and been invited to do a product trial so feeling a bit more motivated, so I have vowed to try and give myself a kick up at the bum and make some money.

I think all of you and myself have realised this is not easy and I am a million miles away from where is should be if I was on target, I always knew it was a tricky challenge. But it’s to early to give up yet and I’m hoping too get going more in then next few weeks. Now to start working through my list of ideas and hope to see the money rolling in

I’d love to hear any more ideas if any of you have them.

Today’s Total – £0.01

Savings Total – £1.00

Current Total – £16.88