Been a fairly successful day, have listed lots of things online so hopefully they sell and make me some money. Emptied my purse from loose change though today so have added 46p to the total, EVERY LITTLE HELPS as the saying goes. I am very behind on where I should be by now, my total should probably be over £200 or something like that but I’m hoping all the hard work may pay out and I make larger sums some days, which will then add up. A lot of the sites I use only pay when you get to a certain amount, whether its £10 or £50, so they may be larger figures when they begin to pay out.I’m trying to do surveys every day, and hoping to do some mystery shops soon, but obviously can’t tell you anymore on that. I’m also making sure I go through a cashback site when buying online.

Found a new site as well today where you get paid in pints to do tasks, which you can change into vouchers, which sounds like great fun, and ive also entered lots of new competitions. So please keep your fingers crossed for success. And remember I would love to hear from you all so please get in touch. I’ve had some great friends suggest lots of new things to me so keep them coming.


Bought some food for Amelie today and used some coupons so managed to save £1 there so that can kick start my saving’s total,


Today’s Total – £0.46

Saving’s Total – £1.00

Current Total – £16.87