I can’t believe were half way through April already, this year is going so quickly. Maybe it’s a case of time flies when your having fun, although I’m not sure I’m having that much fun some days. But I have to say I’m enjoying this challenge, it’s interesting seeing all the various ways that can be used to make money.

I have decided today to sign up to a direct selling company so hopefully I can possibly make some money from that, I think with the direct selling companies it’s all about working hard, getting your name known and just selling, selling, selling. It’s one of those things you can put as much time as you can in, whether doing parties, selling door to door or other ways. I’m going to give all a try and just hope I can make some money. I’ve also done some more surveys today and am half way to the payment threshold on one of the sites, and that’s in just a week so I can hopefully get a pay out from them at the end of the month.

Been reading through my favourite online forum today for some more ideas, and have made a list of things to look into more or try, so that is this weeks job. There are so many different methods, I think it’s all about finding the right ones for me and using the ones that will make me a large amount of money even if it take times. I’m also hoping I might be able to add a bit of money to the pot as well over the next few days, lets just hope for a good money making week.