Day 3 and it’s all about research still at the minute. I have signed up to a new cashback site and a new survey site today, so more money may be added soon.

I also love to win competitions and have won a few bits, so will share any new wins with you all. If you spot any competitions please share them with me and I’ll do the same with all of you. I’ve got lots of unwanted stuff to sell, so I hope that bumps up he total, including clothes Amelie has grown out of. My total may not be massive but it’s still in the research stage and hopefully once I get ideas and do things regularly the total will begin to add up.

Just have to also share with you an email I had from Anne who is trying to save £2500 to take her son on holiday. She’s hoping to get some tips from the blog and also share some with us. I love to receive the emails and tips so please get in touch if you would like to