So I’ve been a figures mood today and worked out what my targets are so I can achieve this in 5 years.

£9,000 a year

£750 a month

£24.64 a day

Have to say this is going to be hard and ideally I would love to achieve it before 5 years, but it’s got to be done and

I’ve signed up to a cashback site today so hopefully I can make a bit from that, I would love idea’s for anything else I could try so please get in touch.

I have a bit of a confession to make as well, I LOVE getting post, so I’m applying for free stuff online including samples and brochures, etc. If anyone wants to send me post, send mean email and we can discuss it and I may just send something back. Getting things for free is always great and means you save money buying the item. I often order free samples of a product to try the product first before I buy although many I do end up buying as I like them, but remember please only order free samples of stuff you actually use. So don’t order dog food samples if you don’t have a pet as that is unfair on the company.

Free days out are just the same, so be sure to look online for fab free places to visit, I’ll share some of mine with you soon, and if you have any you really enjoy please get in touch.

But back to the actual money making, I have 18p to add from loose change or that I found on the floor.

Today’s Total – £0.18

Current Total – £16.09

Oops forgot to mention I am also going to keeping a total of my savings it may not help towards the target but will be really interesting to see how much, so it will include things like vouchers, money saved on bills, items brought in sale that I would have brought anyway. I will do my best to share great offers I find with you all.