So I’ve explained why I am doing this but now it’s the start of the mammoth challenge. In all honesty we need about £45,000 for mortgage and furniture and decorating etc. And anymore than that is a bonus really, and will be less I have to pay off in the long term.
I’m going to be doing a lot of different methods and ways to do this all legal of course, and the blog is going to be my sort of diary, to tell you my total and various things like that really. I don’t work at the minute with Amelie being so little and hope to possibly do craft stuff self-employed once she gets a bit bigger.

So tonight I am researching ideas, I have already joined a couple of site that pay you to do surveys, I’m not going to name companies on here unless I get permission to do so but please email me on if you would like to know some or want me to refer you

Tanya and Amelie